Product Info Module

Accessing the Product Info module

The Product Info Module is located on the Product tab. This module lets you view and manage product information.

To access the Product Info module:

  1. Select the Search icon. The window opens to a Search tab.
  2. Select the product search type from the drop-down list. You can search by:
    • SKU/UPC/Alias
    • Name/Manufacturer SKU
    • EAN
  3. Scan or enter the product’s SKU/UPC/Alias, Name/Manufacturer SKU, EAN, or ASIN/FNSKU, based on your search type.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you search by name (or anything other than SKU/UPC/Alias) and there are multiple products with that name, a list of products will open; choose one from the list. The product will appear with numerous action icons below.Search for a product

Understanding Product Info actions

Info Edit your product’s name, UPC, and Location Notes.
Bins Add, view, and edit bins for specific products.
Movements View bin movements.
Dimensions Add or edit product and shipping weight as well as product dimensions.

Note: Client Setting Display Product dimensions at product home page. needs to be enabled to see the product dimensions in Sellercloud.

Shadows Add shadows to a product.
Replacements Add replacement SKUs.
Print Labels Print product labels. Select to print SKU, UPC, ASIN, FNSKU or FBA label.
Aliases Add an alias.
Serials Check to require serial scanning for this product. Also, you can view and add serials by clicking  Manage Serials.
WH Image Add or edit product images for warehouse purposes.
Kits View the product’s kit components.
Product Notes View and create notes or warnings about a product.
ITF Barcodes View, add, and edit ITF barcodes.
Custom Columns View custom columns related to the product.
Lot Expirys View product expiration dates.


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