Picking Replacement Products in Skustack

Information on how to set up replacement products in Sellercloud.
Information on how to generate a picklist.

Picking Replacement Products

  1. Press Picking Tab > Product Based/Order Based.
  2. Search for an order/picklist.
  3.  Select the product from the list.
  4. Press Replace.
  5. Click the check box next to the product you want to use to replace > Select > Pick.
Replacing the SKU in Skustack will not replace the product on the order. Make sure to replace it when shipping it out.

Picking replacement products

Please note:

  • You cannot replace the original SKU if it’s picked or partially picked. It must be fully unpicked
  • Similarly, you cannot partially pick a replacement SKU and then pick the original SKU
  • Only one replacement can be used for each product

Creating replacements in Skustack

You can simply create a replacement for a product directly from Skustack:

  1. Navigate to the Product tab > Product info module > Press the Search icon.
  2. Scan/Enter the product’s SKU/UPC/Alias.
  3. OR while picking you can swipe the product to the left and tap the Info icon.
  4. Select Replacements.
  5. Enter Replacement SKU > click ADD.
  6. The replacement product is now associated with the main product.

Creating Replacement Products in Skustack

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