Order Based Module

Accessing the Order Based Module

The Order Based picking module is located on the Picking tab.

Order based picking enables you to pick items on a picklist, order by order. This is an effective workflow for orders with multiple items, as the items can be picked and grouped together by the warehouse picker for packing.

Please note: Order-Based module will only return orders that have In Process and Charged statuses.

Searching by PickList ID

Searching by PickList ID allows you to see all products on a picklist. You can then go into each item and see all open orders for picking.

  1. Select Search By ID.
  2. Enter a PickList ID and press Search.
  3. Products on that PickList will load. The number of orders picked out if the total number of orders required will display. Swipe down to see the number of picked units and the number of total units in all orders.
  4. To filter products by different parameters press the Filter icon at the top right.
  5. Swiping on the items reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – press the icon to display all bins in which this item’s units are stored.
    2. Info – press to be directed to the Product Info module.
  6. Select a product.
  7. All the orders for that product under this picklist will display.
  8. Select the order.
  9. Open the product you want to pick. You can scan a product ID/UPC barcode or select one on the screen.
  10. Start picking units for the product by either scanning the barcode of the product or manually entering Pick Qty.
  11. If you are scanning units use the Arrow to indicate whether products are to be added or removed from the picklist.
  12. Enter the bin from which you are picking or select the suggested bin. The suggested bin may appear next to the Bin field. The suggestion is based on the following factors:
    1.  It will always be a sellable bin.
    2. The bin type will be always Normal or Temp.
    3. Primary bins are always going to be suggested first.
    4. The bin with most or least qty will be suggested based on the client setting PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order.
  13. Press the Pick button.
  14. The quantity picked will be transferred to the Picking Bin and the picklist will be updated.
  15. Once an order is fully picked you can print a label by pressing the Print icon. You can configure Skustack settings to auto print the order label after it’s fully picked.Order based picking

Searching All

Searching All allows you to see all picklists for the product. You can then pick each picklist separately.
  1. Select Search All.
  2. Scan/Enter a Product ID and press Search.
  3. All the PickLists for that product will display.
  4. To filter the PickList when it opens press the Filter icon at the top right.
  5. Press on the picklist.
  6. Follow steps 3-14 from the Searching by PickList ID section above.Searching by product

Search By Order

This option is a more simple order pick, by which you enter an order number and pick the items in the order.
  1. Select Search by Order.
  2. Products on that order will load. The number of items picked out of the total number will display. Swipe down to see the number of picked units and the number of total units in this order.
  3. Follow steps 8-16 from the Searching by PickList ID section above.searching by order


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