Skublox Integration in Skustack


Skublox is a customizable put-to-light system that natively integrates with Skustack WMS and Sellercloud omnichannel e-commerce platforms, specifically designed to simplify your entire sorting and fulfillment workflow. Learn more here.

There are two ways to use Skublox with Skustack:

  1. Pick-to-Light
  2. Print License Plate Confirmation labels


The Pick To Light module is located within Skustack’s PickList tab and helps you avoid having to scan each unit twice in your picking and sorting processes. You can pick and sort your items with ease, directly placing them onto your mobile Skublox wall as you go. This feature enables multiple users to simultaneously connect to the same wall and work on the same picklist.

  1. Configure your mobile wall as a Pick-to-Light wall in the Skublox hub app.
  2. In Skustack, navigate to the Picking tab and then tap the search icon on the Pick To Light module. A list of available pick-to-light walls for that warehouse will be displayed.
  3. Select your mobile Skublox wall.
  4. Choose your Search mode and select your picklist. 
    1. Search by ID – Search for a specific PickList ID.
    2. Search by Name – Search for a specific PickList Name.
    3. Search All – Search for all PickLists. This option allows you to filter by a specific product.
  5. Scan a product to pick it. This action will cause the slot on the wall to light up.
    Only one unit can be picked at a time since it needs to be sorted.
  6. Scan the Skublox sorting barcode when prompted to confirm the sort. The product will be transferred to the picking bin and will be marked as sorted.

  7. If the sort is cancelled, the product will be unpicked. Cancelling a sort requires entering a PIN code.
Your picklist should not include more orders than available slots on your wall.
If Skustack closes in the middle of a sort, the next time the user opens the Pick-to-Light module, Skustack will prompt you to either confirm or cancel the sort.

License Plate Confirmation Labels

Once the order is fully sorted, use Skustack to release the slot and print a license plate confirmation label to avoid having to ship the order immediately. This will mark the order as sorted and it will be skipped in future sorting attempts. Later on, the license plate label can be scanned in Shipbridge to pull the order up and proceed with shipping. Learn more about license plate labels here.

  1. Navigate to the Order tab in Skustack and tap the Search icon on the Skublox Shipper – License Plate module.
  2. Scan the Skublox shipper QR code.
  3. The license plate label will print and the slot will be marked as empty.

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