FBA Removals Module

Introducing the FBA removals module

The FBA Removals module is located under the FBA tab. This module makes it easy to receive your inventory back to your warehouse when you want it.

There are 4 modes for searching FBA removals. You can search by:

  • tracking number
  • transfer ID
  • shipment ID
  • all(Product ID/UPC and status)Search FBA removals options

Managing FBA Removals

  1. In the FBA Tab, select FBA Removals > Search.
  2. Click Mode > select the desired mode. In the Search All mode you can filter by Status.
  3. Select the Transfer Request.
  4. Products on that FBA removal will load. The number of units received and the number of total units will be displayed.
  5. Swipe down to see the status of the request and the number of units received.
  6. Swiping on an item reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – tap the icon to see all bins where the product is stored.
    2. Info – tap to be directed to the Product Info module.
    3. Disassemble – select this action item to disassemble the kit if there is any received.
  7. Scan the product’s barcode or select the product to open. Each scan will add to the received quantity, or you can enter a received quantity.
  8. Scan/Enter the bin into which you are receiving. A suggested bin may appear next to the Bin field. This suggestion is based on the following:
    1. The product is or was associated with the bin.
    2. It is Normal or Temp bin type.
    3. The unit capacity of the bin is not yet full.
  9. Press on the bin to add it to the Bin field.
  10. If the lot expiration tracking functionality is enabled for your company and the product is set to IsExpirable before receiving the items you must select Lot Number. Find more information about Lot Numbers here.
  11. The received quantity out of the total quantity to receive will display. For example 1/4.
  12. When all items in the FBA removal are received FULLY RECEIVED will display at the top.
    managing FBA removals


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