FBA Inbound PickList Module

Introducing FBA shipment picking

The FBA Shipments picking module is located under the FBA tab. In this module, you can pick units for FBA Inbound Shipments.

There are 4 modes for searching for an FBA Shipment. Use the drop-down list to toggle between the 4 modes:

  1. Search By ID – opens a single FBA Shipment using an internal Sellercloud ID.
  2. Search By Amazon Shipment ID – opens a single FBA Shipment using an Amazon ID.
  3. Search By Tracking Number – opens a single FBA Shipment using an Amazon tracking number.
  4. Search All – searches for all FBA shipments (you can filter by status, warehouse, and SKU/UPC). This mode opens all shipments.
    sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment search modes


Searching and picking FBA shipments

  1. In the FBA Tab, select FBAInbound PickList module > Search.
  2. Select Mode > select desired mode.
  3. Scan/Enter Sellercloud ID, Amazon ID, or Amazon tracking number depending on the search option.
  4. Tap Go.
    sellercloud skustack search for FBA inbound shipment
  5. You can also filter open shipments. Simply press the Filter icon and filter by inventory, picked status, Amazon shipment or region.filter FBA shipments
  6. All products in the shipment with their picked quantity out of the total quantity required to pick will display.
    sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment picklist
  7. Swiping on an item reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – here you can find all the bins where the product is stored.
    2. Info – this will reveal the product info module.
    3. Assemble – here you can assemble a kit for an FBA shipment. Learn more about assembling kits for FBA shipments here.
    4. Labels – you can print FBA SKUs for the product here.
    5. Set Qty to Picked – you can manually set the Required Quantity to be equal to the current Quantity picked here.FBA shipping picklists action items
  8. Scan or select an item.
  9. Scan or enter a bin, or select from the list of suggested bins.
  10. Scan units to add to the picked qty. Or enter the number manually.sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment scan picked items
  11. If applicable, tap Replacement to search for valid replacements.
  12. If Lot Number workflow is enabled for your company and the product is set as expirable you will need to select a Lot Number.
  13. Press Pick to update the picked quantity.
  14. If you are not picking the full quantity a dialog will open with a list of Amazon shipments with the product that is not fully picked yet (those either zero picked or partially picked).
  15. Select the shipment or select all.
  16. The quantity picked will be saved to the product and shipment and the picklist will be updated.
  17. Tap the Box icon and select an Amazon package from the list to manage the box contents for that package. You can find more information on managing boxes here.


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