Set Up Label Printer

A label printer can be connected to Skustack to print PickList confirmation labels (labels confirming that a PickList has been picked), product labels, bin labels and FBA box barcodes.

February 2021 Update: Currently, Skustack works with 2 printers: Zebra QLN220 and Rongta RPP320.

For the Zebra printer:

  1. Click the following link to download Setup Utilities.
  2. Make sure to grab the correct driver files and also push the correct Firmware version to the printer if you are having issues printing.

To connect the printer via Bluetooth:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your Android device.
  2. Turn on your printer.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth page on your android device.
  4. Scan for devices.
  5. Find the device you want to pair and select it.
  6. A pairing request will display on the Android device.
  7. The pair request password for the RPP320-E is ‘0000’. (four zeros).
  8. After this, you should see the device move to the Pair Devices section.
  9. Your Bluetooth printer is now paired to the android device.

The simplest way to connect to the printer is to:

  1. In Skustack, go to Settings > Printer.
  2. Select the primary printer from the dropdown (only paired devices will show in this list) and connect.

One more way to connect the device is to:

  1.  Go to Settings > Bluetooth This is the Skustack Bluetooth settings screen. From here, find the RPP320-E under the Paired Devices, click the Settings Wheel to the right of the model.
  2. Click Assign as primary printer.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Test print from Skustack printer settings page to make sure it’s working properly.

When using the RONGTA printer, the printer does not automatically know which label size is being used. In order to calibrate the printer so that the FEED button works in such a way that when clicked, it will feed a full label, you must do the following:

  • Press the feed button for 3 seconds and let the printer learn about the label size.


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