FBAInbound BoxContent Module

Introducing FBAInbound BoxContent Module

The FBAInbound BoxContent module is located under the FBA tab. This module allows you to view and edit FBA shipping boxes in FBA Shipments by scanning the package.

There are 2 modes for searching boxes. You can scan by:

  • package ID
  • box IDFBA Box Content search modes

Managing Box Content

  1. In the FBA Tab, select FBAInbound BoxContent module > Search.
  2. Tap Mode > select the desired mode.

Searching by Package ID

  1. Scan/Enter Amazon Shipment ID > Go.
  2. The system will load all boxes for this shipment. Here you can select one of the boxes in which to put the selected quantity.
  3. Swiping on the boxes reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Dimensions – press this icon to set the dimensions.
    2. Delete – press this icon to delete the box.
  4. Click the + icon to add boxes to this shipment.

Searching by Box ID

  1. Scan/Enter FBA Box ID > Go.
  2.  You will go directly into the box.
  3. Put the available quantity into the box.putting the available quantity into the box
  4. Press the Dimensions icon to set dimensions.setting the box dimensins
  5. You can print an Amazon 2D Barcode or Skustack Box ID by clicking the Print icon.printing labels icon

Checking Shipping Box IDs in Sellercloud

In Sellercloud you can check your shipping box IDs by opening the FBA shipment from Inventory > Manage Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipment.

In Sellercloud Delta interface:

  1. Select the shipment.
  2. Go to Amazon Shipments.
  3. Click Proceed to Manage Packages.
    selelrcloud skustack proceed to manage packages fba inbound shipment

In Sellercloud Alpha interface:

  1. Select the shipment.
  2. Click the Box icon.check boxID in delta


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