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The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process is the recommended workflow for managing order returns. RMAs allow you to track returns from the initial customer contact to the receipt of the returned items in your warehouse.

Receive RMA Module

The Receive RMA module is located within Skustack’s Receiving tab. Here you can receive RMA items into your warehouse bins, as well as update the RMA’s status. You may want to receive returns in non-sellable bins until the items have been inspected by management, or receive and transfer them to a separate SKU of a suitable condition (e.g. Used, Open box, etc.) right away.

Search RMAs

You can search for RMAs in one of five ways:

  1. Search By RMAID – Search by the Sellercloud RMA ID
  2. Search By OrderID – Search by the Sellercloud Order ID.
  3. Search By Tracking – Search by the tracking # for the RMA (not the order).
  4. Search By OrderSourceRMAID – The Order Source RMA# field on the RMA details page.
  5. Search All – Search for all RMAs. You can filter by:
    Defaults to all. You can choose from one of the RMA statuses:

    • All
    • Open
    • On Hold
    • Processing
    • Closed
    List of available RMA reasons. Defaults to all.
    Filters by a specific product, UPC, or alias.

Receive RMA Items

Follow the steps below to receive RMA items:

  1. In the Receiving tab, navigate to the Receive RMA module.
  2. Select your desired Search Mode > tap Go.
  3. The RMA with product quantities will load.
  4. Swipe down to see the total number of products on the RMA.
  5. Swipe the items to the left to reveal shortcuts to other actions:
    • Bins – tap the icon to see all bins where the product is stored (bins will show only if you’re logged into a bin-enabled warehouse).
    • Info –  tap to be directed to the Product Info module.
  6. Scan the product or enter the received quantity manually.
  7. Scan/enter a bin, or select from the list of suggested bins. It is recommended to receive returns in non-sellable bins until the items have been inspected.
    Enable the Use Receiving Bin setting in Skustack to only allow receiving into a receiving bin. You can then use the PutAway workflow to transfer inventory from the temporary receiving bin to permanent bins on the warehouse shelf.
  8. If the Lot Number workflow is enabled for your company and the product is set as expirable then you must select a Lot Number before receiving it. Tap on More Lot/Expirys to view existing or add new lots. Learn more about Lot Numbers here.
  9. To transfer the received quantity to another item (for example a product with a “used” or “open box” condition), tap the Receive and transfer toggle. If enabled, the Sku to Sku Transfer module will open as soon as the quantity is received, and the source product will be prepopulated with the received item and quantity.
  10. (Optional) Add a camera image (1) to the RMA documents or RMA notes (2).
  11. Tap Receive.
  12. Repeat for all SKUs in the RMA if applicable.
  13. The RMA received status will update, as well as the quantities received.
  14. (Optional) Tap the printer icon to print the RMA.
To put inventory away from your receiving bin into one of your regular bins, follow the PutAway workflow described here.

Manage RMA

The Skustack Admin portal lets you easily search for existing RMAs or import new ones, monitor their progress, export them to Excel, and more.

Search RMAs

To search RMAs, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Skustack Admin portal at (replace “xx” with your server ID or team name).
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. On the left, select Receiving > Manage RMA.
  4. Configure your Default filters to make sure that the results display exactly what you need.
  5. Click Search. Each filter you apply gets highlighted. If a filter is gray or not displayed at all, it’s not active.
  6. To manage the columns in the grid, click the three dots icon on the top right and select Customize Columns. You can:
    1. Reorder columns by dragging them up or down in the list;
    2. Hide columns by clicking the Trash icons;
    3. Add columns by clicking Add column.
  7. To arrange the data in a different order, use the Sort by menu.
  8. To save your filtering and sorting options, click Save view, enter a Name, and click Save.
  9. Access the Actions menu to either import a new RMA, or export existing RMA information.
  10. Click on an RMA ID to be directed to the RMA details page.

RMA Details

On the RMA details page, you will see four panels with RMA-related information. Refer to the details below for more information about each panel.

General Panel

Field Description 
Approval Status Internal RMA approval status. Available statuses are Pending review, Approved, Denied, and Awaiting more info.
Status The status of the RMA. Available statuses are Open, Processing, On Hold, and Closed.
Original Order Total The total amount paid for the order.
Original Order Shipped By The email address of the user who shipped the order.
Replacement Order ID The internal replacement order number.
Tracking Number The RMA tracking number.
Order Source RMA# The channel RMA number.

Changes Panel

Field Description 
Updated By The email address of the user who last updated the RMA.
Received By The email address of the user who received the RMA.
Updated On The date when the RMA was last modified.
Received On The date when the RMA was received.

Items Panel

Field Description 
SKU The product SKU.
Original Order The internal order number.
Item The product name.
Qty Ordered The quantity ordered.
Qty To Be Returned The quantity expected to be returned.
Qty Received The quantity received back in your warehouse.
Reason The reason for the return.
Resolution The resolution for the return.
Description The RMA description.
Approved Approval status on an item level. Client setting Enable RMA Item Approval Status must be enabled for this workflow.
Serials Returned The serial numbers of the items being returned, if applicable.

Notes Panel

Field Description 
RMA Notes Notes that were added to the RMA during the receiving session.
Order Notes System notes.


The Toolbox on the RMA Details page provides additional functionalities.

Tool Description
Change Log The records of all changes made to the RMA.
Documents RMA documents or attachments, such as camera images. Typically added during the receiving session.
Serials The serial numbers of the items being returned, if applicable.


Some of the available Actions are:

  • Export to Excel
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Serials
  • Print to PDF
  • Receive Return
  • Un-receive Return

Setting Description 
Validate serial globally Client setting. Enables serial number validation in Skustack. Learn more about serial number validation and relevant client settings here.
Require serial scan if necessary Skustack’s Warehouse Management settingWhen enabled, will force the user to scan serials for products that are set to require serial scan when receiving.
Use Receiving Bin Skustack’s Warehouse Management settingWhen enabled, only allows receiving into the Receiving bin.

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