Receiving RMA Items

Receiving RMA items

You can process returned items in the RMA module. Here you can receive RMA items into bins in your warehouse, as well as update the RMA’s status in Sellercloud.

You may want the warehouse to return an item to non-sellable inventory until it has been examined by management. Receive returns into a non-sellable bin and then transfer them to a sellable bin within the same warehouse when they are ready.

You can receive RMA items in the Receive RMA section of the Receiving menu.

There are 5 search modes:

  • Search By RMAID
  • Search By Order ID
  • Search By Tracking – The tracking for the RMA (not the order)
  • Search By OrderSourceRMAID – The Order Source RMA# field on the RMA details page
  • Search All – You can filter the search by SKU/UPC, status, and/or reason.

Receiving RMA

Follow the steps below to receive RMA items.

  1. Select the search Mode.
  2. Complete search credentials if needed.
  3. Tap Go.
  4. Scan an SKU or select it from the list of SKUs.
  5. The Product Receive dialog opens.
  6. Scan the product or enter the received quantity manually.
  7. Enter a receiving bin.
  8. To transfer the received quantity to another item (for example a product with a different condition), use the Receive and transfer toggle. If enabled, the Sku to Sku Transfer module will open as soon as the quantity is received, and the source product will be prepopulated with the received item and quantity.
  9. Click receive.
  10. Repeat for all SKUs in RMA if applicable.
  11. The RMA status will update, as well as the item quantity received.
In case you need to put away the inventory received into a temporary receiving bin, please read about the PutAway workflow here.


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