Order Details Module


The Order Details module is located under the Order tab. You can easily look through order details like Order, Payment, Shipping, and Picking Status directly from Skustack.

View Order Details

To view order details in Skustack:

  1. Navigate to the Order tab > Order Details module.
  2. Click on the Search icon.
  3. Scan/Enter the order number.
  4. The order with the product quantities and their prices will load.
  5. Slide down to see the shipping address, the customer, and the order total.
  6.  Press More Details to find more information about the order.
  7. Tap the Note icon to see the order notes.

More Order Details fields:

Order # The Sellercloud order number
shipping address icon Shipping Address
ship to icon Ship To
time of order icon Time of order
Order promise date icon Order promise date
Channel icon Channel: The sales channel commonly referred to as the marketplace
Order rush status icon Order Rush Status, ex: Rush
Status of order Order Status, ex: InProcess
order payment status Order payment status, ex: Paid.
Quantity picked icon Picked status, ex: Unpicked, Partially Picked, or Fully Picked
shipping status icon Shipping status, ex: Shipped, Unshipped
delivery status icon Delivery status, ex: Delivered
related picklist icon Related Picklist #

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