Printing FBA 2D Barcode

Understandin FBA 2D Barcodes

You can easily print FBA 2D Barcodes directly from Skustack. You must print from supported printers: Zebra QLN220 and Rongta RPP320. Make sure your Printer Settings have been configured to the correct printer.

You can find more information about FBA 2D Barcodes here.

Printing FBA 2D Barcodes

To print FBA 2D Barcode:

  1. Navigate to the FBA Inbound  PickList module or FBA Inbound BoxContent module > open the box.
  2. Press the Printer icon.
  3. Pick Amazon 2D Barcode from the dropdown list.
  4. Press the Print Button.Printing FBA 2D Barcodes

Since Skustack printers are smaller than regular ones there are some printing restrictions. You won’t be able to print an FBA 2D Barcode from Skustack because the label is too big:

  1. if you have more than 3 products in the box, or
  2. if all 3 products require expiration dates.


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