Manage Regions Module


Warehouses can be divided into regions. Bins can be assigned to a region.

Regions’ functionality can be particularly useful for companies that have massive warehouses and assign employees to different sections of a warehouse.

Configuring regions

Creating a New Region

To add a new region in Sellercloud:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Warehouses > Manage Warehouse Regions.
  2. Select a warehouse from the dropdown.
  3. You can set your region as the Default with the checkbox Default Region.
  4. Enter region name and press Add Region.
    Add region
If you click on the existing region, you will be taken to the Manage Bin page, where all bins associated with that region will show.

Assigning a region to a bin
To select a region for a bin in Sellercloud:

  1. Go to InventoryWarehouses > Manage Warehouse Bins.
  2. Select a bin or add a new bin.
  3. Edit bin information.
  4. Select a region for the bin from the Location Region dropdown.
  5. Save changes.Select region for the bin

Configuring region client settings

When picking in Sellercloud you can enable the client setting Find ideal region when picking:

  • When this setting is enabled, the system will try to find the region that has enough inventory from which the product can be fully picked
  • If there are multiple suitable regions, the system will first suggest the region with the most quantity in primary bins then regions with the most/least quantity, depending on the client setting PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order

Filtering Picklists by Region

Using the regions filter, picklists can be divided by products that are in bins within a specified region.

For example, picklist#123 has SKU with a Qty To Pick of 50. 25 units are within bins in Region A1, and 25 are within bins in Region B2. If you filter by the A1′ region, Skustack will display 25 units to pick from.

To use regions filter in the Picklist Tab:

  1. You can set a filter directly from the Picklist tab, or first select the picklist.
  2. Press the Filter icon.
  3. Select the region from the drop-down list.
  4. Skustack will display results for the selected region.Using regions for picklists

Filtering FBA shipments by region

You can filter FBA shipments by region:

  1. Set a filter directly from the FBA module, or first select the FBA Inbound Picklist tab.
  2. Press the Filter icon.
  3. Select the region from the drop-down list.
  4. Skustack will display results for the selected region.filtering FBA shipments by region


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