Performing Bin Cycle Counts

Understanding Bin Cycle Count

You may want to compare quantities in warehouse bins against what Sellercloud has recorded. Skustack’s Bin Cycle Count feature helps you scan bins and run audit reports to determine count discrepancies.

You can easily scan inventory that is currently in a bin and generate a report that will show the quantity currently in the system, what was actually scanned, and the difference between the system and scanned quantity (delta). Once the report is generated, the audit can be reviewed and committed in Sellercloud or Skustack.

If the report is committed the bin inventory will be automatically adjusted to what was scanned.

Accessing Bin Cycle Count module

To access the Bin Cycle Count module:

  1. Log into Skustack in a bin-enabled warehouse.
  2. Navigate to the Bin Tab and then scroll to the Bin Cycle Count module.
  3. Click the Search icon to display the Cycle Count page.
  4. The Bin Cycle Count page has four options, which are explained below.bin cycle count module

Understanding cycle count modes

Start new bin count mode

This mode allows you to scan all items currently in the bin, generate a report, and reconcile the difference.


  1. Enter BinName > Go.
  2. Scan all the products in the bin. You can click on Qty to manually adjust the units.
  3. Once all the items in the bin are scanned you can press the Checkmark to generate the report.
  4. Press OK on the Generate Audit Report pop-up.
  5. Once the Audit report is opened it can be either canceled or committed.
  6. To commit you will need to drag down the header and click on the Disk icon.
  7. You can cancel the current audit by clicking on the Trash Can icon.
  8. You can also click on the Pen icon to edit the audit. This will close the audit and bring you back to the scanning activity so you can scan more products and then generate a new audit.
    start new bin count mode

Search audits mode

In this mode, you can search all existing audits or use filters on the dialog. A list of audits will show and then you can click on one of the audits to open.


  1. You can view all current audits or filter audits by:
    1. Date.
    2. Status (All (Default), Pending, Completed).
  2. Enter BinName > audits mode

Open Existing Audit mode

In this mode, you can enter an existing audit Id to open the report


  1. Enter Audit Number > existing audit mode

Suggest bin to count mode

In this mode, the system will display a list of suggested bins to count.

The order of suggested bins is first by bins with more than 1000 bin movements and then by the date, it was last counted.
Example: Bins counted 6 months ago would be displayed above bins counted 3 months ago, etc.


  1. Enter Region – All (Default).
  2. Press Go.Suggest bin to count mode


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