Kit Assembly Work Order Module

Understanding the Kit Assembly Work Order Module

The Kit Assembly Work Order module is located under the Work Orders tab. In this module, you can search for your open work orders for kits that need to be picked and assembled before being shipped to FBA.

You can create kit work orders only in Sellercloud. Existing kit work orders can be managed in Skustack.

In the Kit Assembly Work Order module there are two options for searching for Kit Work Order:

  • search by work order ID
  • search All

Searching by Work Order ID

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Select Search by Work Order ID.
  3. Scan/Enter work order ID > press GO.
  4. The work order will load and display the kit parents. Swipe down to see the work order kit assembly status.
  5. Swiping on the items reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – pressing the icon to display all bins in which this item’s units are stored.
    2. Info – select to get into the Product Info module.
  6. Select the kit parent.
  7. The components of that kit will be displayed.
  8. Scan the component’s ProductID/UPC barcode, or select it on the screen. The product will open.
  9. Scan the product’s barcode. Each scan will add to the selected quantity. You can also enter a picked quantity.
  10. Enter the bin from which you are picking. A suggested bin may appear next to the Bin field. The suggestion is based on the following:
    1.  The bin will always be sellable.
    2. The bin type will be always Normal or Temp.
    3. Primary bins will always be suggested first.
    4. The bin currently storing either most or least of the product will be suggested depending on whether the client setting PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order is enabled or not.
  11. Press on the bin to add it to the bin field.
  12. Press the Pick button.
  13. The picked quantity will display next to the Pick Qty, for example, 1/1.
  14. When all items are picked, press the Tool icon at the top right to assemble the kit.
  15. A new activity with a list of the components will open and you will need to scan the components again to assemble.
  16. Once all the components are scanned the assembly will begin and you will be prompted to put away the kit.
  17. If any of the components require a serial scan you will need to assemble each kit one at a time.
  18. You will be prompted to print kit labels.
  19. The kit is now marked as picked.assembling kits

Searching All

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Select Search All.
  3. Only work orders with products will load.
  4. You can filter work orders by:
    • Zero Picked
    • Zero or Partial Picked
    • Partial Picked
    • Fully Picked
  5. Press GO.
  6. Select the work order from the search result.
  7. Follow steps 4-15 from the Searching by Work Order ID section above.assembling kits search all



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