Restock Bins Module


The Restock Bins module is located within Skustack’s Bin tab.

If there isn’t enough inventory in your primary bins, you can create a Restock List to replenish the primary bin quantity with quantity from non-primary bins.

Create Restock Lists

To create a Restock List:

  1. Go to Restock Bins module.
  2. Tap the + icon.
  3. Select the type of the Restock List from the dropdown:
    1. OrderReplenish – an overall replenishment of all bins based on the shipped orders.
    2. PickPlanning – use to replenish bins before picking. This will help ensure that there is enough quantity in your primary bins to pick.
  4. If you are creating a PickPlaning Restock List, enter the Picklist number for which you are picking. Tap the Find PickList button and the system will show all valid picklists.
  5. Tap the Generate button.
  6. A new Restock List will be generated.
    generating restock lists

Manage Restock Lists

You can create a new Restock List as described above, or find an existing one.

There are three modes to search Restock Lists:

  • Search By ID
  • Search Open
  • Search Allsearch modes

To find an existing restock list:

  1. Go to Restock Bins module.
  2. Tap the Search icon.
  3. Select Search by ID and the mode: Pick or PutAway.
  4. Enter the Restock List number.
  5. Tap Go. The Restock List will open.searching for restock lists

To pick inventory for a Restock List:

  1. Open the Restock List.
  2. The system will prompt you to choose the Interim Bin. You can always change the Interim Bin by clicking the Cart button.
  3. Swiping on the items reveals shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – displays all bins in which the item’s units are stored.
    2. Info – directs to the Product Info module.
  4. Scan a Product ID/UPC barcode, or tap it on the screen. The product will open.
  5. Start picking units for the product by either scanning the barcode of the product or manually entering Pick Qty.
  6. If you are scanning units, use the green Arrow next to the scan field to indicate whether products are to be added or removed from the Restock List.
  7. Enter the bin from which you are picking or select the suggested bin. The suggested bin may appear next to the Bin field. This suggestion is based on the following factors:
    1. The bin is sellable.
    2. The bin type is Normal or Temp.
    3. Primary bins will always be suggested first.
    4. The bin with the most or least quantity will be suggested based on the client setting PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order.
  8. Press Pick.
  9. The picked quantity will display next to the pick quantity.
    pick inventory for a restock list

Once you finish picking, you can click on the Checkbox to switch to PutAway mode. This process is similar to picking, but you select the bin into which you are putting the products away instead.

pick and putaway modes

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