4D Scale Integration in Skustack


4D Scale helps you instantly measure the weight of your items and transmit the information to the cloud where it can be used by various applications. With our powerful real-time data transfer you can capture measurements in less than a second and with the 4D Scale you can easily add the weight of a new product when you receive a PO or manage FBA box content.

Configure 4D Scale

You can seamlessly pull in the scale readings for your products by connecting your 4D Scale to Skustack. Here’s how:

Choose your default scale

As there can be multiple scales linked to your account, you will need to select the one Skustack should use.

  1. Navigate to Settings4D Scale. A list of available scales linked to your team account will be displayed.
  2. Choose the default scale for Skustack to use.
    You can select a default scale that is currently offline, but you will need to make sure it is active before it can be used.

Pull scale readings

When viewing weight readings in Skustack, you can pull in the information directly from the default scale by simply tapping the 4D Scale icon on the activity or dialog.

This option is available in the following places:

  1. On the product attributes dimensions activity.
  2. When receiving an item on a PO.
  3. When managing FBA box content.
If your scale is set to use the metric system and you’d like to view the measurements that way in Skustack as well, you can simply change the unit of measurement on your Skustack device.

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