Kitting Module

Updated 7 months ago

The Kitting module is located under the Products tab. 
This module let's you assemble and disassemble independent kits. This feature is typically used for kits being sent to FBA. Read more about kits here.

Assemble Kits
  1. Press the tool icon.
  2. The action dropdown should be set to Assemble.
  3. Scan a independent kit parent SKU.
  4. Enter the qty of kits you need. Press Go.
  5. Please Note: if there is an existing assembly that wasn't yet picked, a screen will pop up to allow you to select that kit assembly
  6. The kit components will display for assembly.
  7. Scan or select a component.
  8. Up to 2 bin suggestions will display. 
  9. Select the bin from which you will pick. If there is enough qty the Pick Qty will auto populate. Or you can scan the required qty to assemble onto the parent and then select the bin.
  10. Press Pick.
  11. Repeat for all components.
  12. The kit components will be marked as Picked.
  13. When done, press on the tool icon to assemble the component inventory to the parent.
  14. Follow the prompt to assemble. 
  15. When assembly is complete you will be prompted to put away the kit into a bin. If you decline to do so, the kit qty will be placed in a default temp bin.

Disassemble Kits
  1. Select Disassemble from the dropdown.
  2. Scan the kit parent.
  3. Enter the qty to disassemble.
  4. Press Go.
  5. The Kit will disassemble to a "Disassembly" bin. This bin is created automatically when bin management is activated in SellerCloud.

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