One Way Transfer


The One Way Transfer module within Skustack’s Transfers tab is a simple way to receive multiple items/units into bins or to remove them from bins. While this can be done individually from the Product tab through a simple adjustment, a One Way Transfer groups the items together, making it easier to trace and filter by the Transfer ID.

One Way Transfer differs from Warehouse to Warehouse Transfer in terms that you don’t have to specify where your transfer is coming from when you transfer inventory in your warehouse. Additionally, when transferring inventory out, you do not need to specify the destination of the transfer.

Create a New Transfer

Follow the steps below to transfer products:

  1. Access the Transfers module.
  2. Tap the Plus icon in the One Way Transfer section or search for an existing transfer.
  3. Select the transfer type: TransferIn or TransferOut.
  4. Name the transfer and enter notes if applicable.
  5. Tap the Create button.
  6. When a transfer is created, you can scan products to add to the transfer or swipe the header down to add a product manually (Show me where!).
  7. Scan/Enter the quantity and enter a bin.
  8. If the Lot Number workflow is enabled for your company and the product is set as expirable, you must select a Lot Number.
  9. Tap Add.
  10. Continue scanning/entering all SKUs that need to be included in the transfer.
  11. When done, tap the Transfer icon at the top.
  12. Upon a successful transfer, a message will appear to confirm that the action was completed. The inventory movement will be reflected in Sellercloud immediately.
Serialized products cannot be added to a One Way Transfer.

Reverse a Transfer

In case you have transferred something by mistake, you can reverse your transfer. This action will return the quantity transferred out and remove the quantity transferred in.

  1. Open your desired Transfer#.
  2. Locate and tap the SKU you want to reverse or delete.
  3. Click the Reverse action if you want to undo the transfer, or delete the SKU if you no longer want it to be transferred.

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