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Welcome to Skustack

Skustack is a mobile app developed by Sellercloud for bin management. Using this app, inventory can be precisely accounted for in exact locations within the warehouse.  Skustack operates on handheld devices with Android OS. Using a handheld device, items are scanned into and out of bins by pickers. All inventory movements are logged and can be tracked in Skustack and in Sellercloud.Download Skustack at Google Play.

Please Note: Skustack is not included in your Sellercloud account. There is an additional cost for using SkuStack. Please contact info@sellercloud.com for pricing details.
If a warehouse is not bin-enabled, the bin icon will not be visible in the app.

Understanding Skustack tabs

Skustack has various modules for warehouse management functions:

  • Product – Manage Products and Product information, including inventory, attributes, and relationships.
  • Picklist – pick inventory for orders.
  • Order – View order details, payments, shipments, or picking status.
  • Bin – Create bins, view inventory in bins, transfer inventory in bins, view movement.
  • FBA Inbound Shipments – Pick inventory for FBA Shipments.
  • Vendor Central – View picklists and monitor Vendor Central shipments.
  • Receiving – Receive inventory from purchase orders and RMA’s.
  • Inventory Transfer – Put away received inventory or transfer to another location.
  • Work Orders – Search work orders for kits that need picking and assembly.

Some actions can be performed in multiple modules. For example, inventory adjustments can be made in both the “Product” and “Bin” modules.

Using Skustack without bin management

Skustack can be used for inventory management even if the warehouse is not managing warehouses through bins. It will function similarly, but will receive and transfer into warehouses instead of into warehouse bins.

Simply set the Skustack warehouse to the non-bin managed warehouse.

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