Set Up Label Printer

Updated 7 months ago

A label printer can be connected to Skustack to print pick-list confirmation labels (labels confirming that a pick-list has been picked).Currently, Skustack works with the Zebra zq630.

  1. Click on the following link to the download the Zebra Setup Utilities application.
  2. Make sure to grab the correct driver files and also push the correct Firmware version to the printer if you are having issues printing. Files for driver and firmware are attached below in the files section.
  3. When setting up your printer, follow the detailed guidelines attached below in the files section, step by step.
  4. Connect the printer:
    1. Enable Bluetooth on your android device. 
    2. Turn on your printer. 
    3. On your Android device, go to Bluetooth and scan for devices. Your Zebra printer should appear. 
    4. Select your printer and click pair. 
    5. After this step, a pair request should appear on both your Android device and printer simultaneously. Click pair on both. 
    6. You should also be able to pair the devices inside Skustack by going to Settings > Bluetooth Settings > Scan > Click the wheel icon to the right > Click pair. 
    7. After pairing, you must also make sure you set the MAC address, you can do this from the same page in Skustack - below the pair button. To see which printer is currently set as your active printer, go to Settings > Printer Settings > MAC Address. If you do not pair the device inside Skustack, you will have to make sure you set the MAC address. Pairing the device does not enable the printing to work, it just makes the Bluetooth pair. In order to function properly, the device must be paired and the current MAC Address must be set.
    8. Test print from Skustack to make sure it's working properly.

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