Bin related Client Settings

Updated 2 years ago

Some bin related features of SkuStack can be set from the SellerCloud Client Settings:

  • Enable Warehouse Bin (WMS) - This client setting needs to be enabled in order to use bins. 
  • Create new Bin for each PO received - New bin will be created when a PO is received.
  • Enable warehouse bin for each customer - When enabled each customer will have its own bin.
  • Default WarehouseBin Unit Capacity - Maximum units capacity for each bin.
  • Enable warehouse bin tooltip in Manage Inventory - Will display bin tooltip in the SellerCloud inventory management page.
  • Enable Module Specific Picking Bins - when enabled all FBA picking will go to the FBA bin and regular picking will go to the regular bin.
  • Allow picking for shipped orders - Allows shipped orders to be picked from the bin.
  • Validate PO warehouse when receiving in SKUStack - Validates the warehouse when receiving a PO.
  • SKUStack Security PIN enabled (number) - adds a security pin for the settings page in the SkuStack App.

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