Receive RMA Item

Updated 7 months ago

In the RMA module, you can receive returned items. This functionality will update the items qty in the receiving bin and warehouse, as well as update the RMA status in SellerCloud. 
Often, you may want the warehouse to receive the item back into the sellable inventory until it has been examined by management. Set up a non-sellable "Returns" warehouse and set the device to that warehouse.
  1. Navigate to the RMA Module under Warehouse Management.
  2. There are 2 search modes:
    1. Single - to search a specific RMA
    2. Multi - to search all RMA. Searches can be filtered by Status, Reason, and SKU in RMA
  3. Locate the RMA.
  4. Press on RMA to open.
  5. Scan or select a SKU.
  6. Scan or enter the received qty.
  7. Enter a receiving bin.
  8. Repeat for all SKUs in RMA if applicable.
  9. The RMA will update, as well as the item's qty.
  10. Read about PutAway here.

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