Product Info Module

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The Products Info Module is located on the Product tab.
In this module you can manage product info, including setting inventory, entering product attributes.


  2. The window opens to a search tab. Scan a product barcode or enter the product SKU, UPC, or Alias. Or select from the dropdown to enter a name or model number. 

  3. The product will display with many action icons below. Press an icon to view or edit product info:

Edit product Name or UPC


Adjust the products qty in a bin (or set physical qty, dependent on setting configuration - Update Qty using adjustments - updates qty using adjustments instead of physicals)
  1. Select a bin. 
  2. Scan the barcodes of each unit of that item in the bin. Each scan will add to the value in the "Adjustment" field. (You can also use the arrows to adjust qty, or simply enter a value.
    • Negative Values are also accepted to subtract qty.
  3. If setting Adjustment reason is enabled, a "reason" line will display and you will be required to enter a reason. 
  4. Press Adjust to complete the adjustment. The updated bin will be highlighted with the new inventory. Inventory will be updated in SellerCloud immediately.
  5. Please note - You can not adjust or set a physical in picking bins. If you need to adjust qty in a picking you must do it through a transfer.  See below.

    Transfer the product's Inventory between bins
  1. Slide a bin to the left. Press on the Transfer Qty icon.
  2. In the pop up window there will be 4 fields:
    1. Qty - the current qty in this bin
    2. Move Qty - The qty you want to transfer
    3. From - The bin you are transferring from
    4. Bin - the bin you will be transferring to. There will be suggested bins displayed. Clicking on a bin will populate it in the "Bin" field. The suggestion is based on the unit capacity set on the bin detail page in SellerCloud
  3. Enter a Move Qty or scan units to transfer. Each scan will add to the value in the "Move Qty" field. 
  4. Press Transfer to move the units. An updated quantity pop up will indicate the success of the transfer quantity information.

Switch to Bin View
  1. Next to the Transfer icon is the "Single Bin View" icon. 
  2. Pressing that icon will open up that bin and display all the items in the bin.

View bin movement

Add product and shipping weight and dimensions

Create shadows

Add replacement SKUs.

Print Labels
Print product labels. Select to print SKU or UPC barcode.

Add an alias.

Check to require serial scan when picking or shipping


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