Product Flags Module

Updated 7 months ago

The Products Flag module is located under the Products tab.
A product flag is a way of tagging an item for management, like flagging an item as Defective. 

You can also mark flags as resolved.

Flags are grouped by task type, like Picking and Receiving. You can create multiple sub-flags for each type. For example, you can have a sub-flag "Defective" for picking and a separate sub-flag "Defective" for receiving. This makes the sub-flag selection easier.

  1. Press on the Settings icon to create sub-flags and flag colors.

  2. Press on the Flag icon to search for a product to flag. Scan a product. Select a flag type and sub-type and assign a bin. 

  3. Press on the Search Icon to search flagged products.

  4. You can scan/enter a specific product or you can hit the search key to do a general search. You can also filter by flag type.
    To mark a flagged product as resolved, hit the x on the product displayed.

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