Picklist Order Labels

Updated 7 months ago

Picklist Orders Labels are verification labels that an order has been picked.
There are 2 types of picklist order labels:
  1. Label One - contains OrderID, OrderSourceID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier
  2. Label Two - contains OrderID, OrderSourceID, ProductID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier
Label One is printed when orders are fully picked.
Let's say Order#123 has 2 products, AB for 5 units and DE for 10 units. Once AB is fully picked 5/5 and DE is fully picked 10/10, brining the TotalQtyPicked = 15, then it should print a label. You can also force print from top action bar button.

Label Two prints out every every single pick, 1 label for each unit picked.
Lets say Order#123 has 2 products, AB for 5 units and DE for 10 units. When you pick 5 units of AB, 5 label should print of for AB. It will print 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15. When you pick 10 of DE, 10 more labels should print out, saying 6/15, 7/15, 8/15 ...... 15.15.

The Label type is selected in the printer settings. You need the supported printer - 
the Zebra QLn220Make sure your printer settings have been configured to the correct printer.
The labels will print automatically, or they can be pushed manually as well from the picklist page.

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