SKU Transfer Module

Updated 2 years ago

SKU Transfer is a seamless and more traceable method for inventory transfer between SKUs.
The most common scenario for transferring inventory is for returned items that are sellable, but need to be classified as "Used". This requires a separate SKU - 1 for "New" and 1 for "Used". Because the returned item is received to its own inventory, you need to transfer the qty of the returned items to the "Used" SKU.  
  1. In SKUStack, navigate to the SKU Transfer module.
  2. Press Create Transfer.
  3. Scan an item, or press the "Transfer From" icon to type in a SKU.
  4. Scan/Enter the bin from which you are transferring
  5. Scan an item, or Press the "Transfer To" icon to type in SKU.
  6. Scan/Enter the bin to which you are transferring
  7. Scan/Enter qty to transfer. Press Next on the keypad.
  8. Press the Transfer button. Done!

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