1 Way Transfer Module

Updated 7 months ago

One Way Transfer is a simple way to receive multiple items/units into bins, or to remove them from bins. While this can be done individually from the Product tab through a simple adjustment, a One Way Transfer will group the items together, making it easier to trace and filterable by the Transfer ID.  

Create new transfers and search existing transfers
  1. Navigate to the 1 Way Transfer module under Warehouse Management.
  2. Press Create.
  3. Select the transfer type - Transfer In - receive / Transfer Out - remove.
  4. Name the transfer and enter notes if applicable
  5. Press Create.
  6. Scan the product or press the icon to type in a SKU.
  7. Scan/Enter qty and enter a bin.
  8. Press Add.
  9. Continue scanning/entering for all SKUs in Transfer.
  10. When done, press Transfer at the bottom to complete the transfer. A success message will display, and the movement will be noted by type and user in SellerCloud.

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