SkuStack Devices

Updated 1 year ago

SkuStack can be set on multiple devices. They will all sync with your SellerCloud server in real time.

There are two ways to register a new device (Client Admin role required):

  1. From SellerCloud website:
    • Go to the Settings tab in SellerCloud
    • Click on Skustack Devices from the top menu
    • Add the device ID to the list 
      • All device IDs that have logged into Skustack should be autopopulated. However, you can get the ID from Skustack under Settings > DeviceID
  2. From Skustack
    • If the device is not registered you will be prompted to register it.
    • Or you can to go Settings > DeviceID, click on the ID, and a window will open prompting you to register. 
Only devices showing as registered on the list will be able to log in SkuStack.

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