Kit Assemblies

Updated 2 years ago

Assembling a kit is the process of transferring kit component qty to the parent.
For example, if a kit is comprised of a 1 camera and 1 case, you need to assemble the camera kit - or transfer a unit of 1 for each item to the kit parent - before shipping to FBA. This ensures that warehouse inventory of the components are accurate.
  1. Begin by picking the shipment as outlined here.
  2. Slide the parent to the left to reveal an assembly button.
  3. Hit the assemble button to display the components.
  4. Now pick each component from a bin as you would on a regular shipment.
  5. When all items are picked, hit the tool icon at the top right to assemble the kit.
  6. You will be prompted to put away the assemble kit  qty into a bin.
  7. You will be prompted to print kit labels.
  8. The kit is now marked as picked.

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