Viewing Bin Movement

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Viewing Bin Movement in Skustack

In Skustack, movement can be viewed on the Bin Movements Module located under the Bin tab.

  1. Press the Search Icon.

    Sellercloud skustack search bin movement
  2. In the search window you can search by bin name, product sku, or both. You can also filter by movement type by selecting from the dropdown menu. 

    sellercloud skustack search bin movement bin name and sku
  3. The Product will display with a log of all movements. Like a ledger, it shows the movement type, the qty of the moment and the resulting total in the bin.

    sellercloud skustack viewing bin movement for sku
  4. If you search by bin and sku, only that product and movement in the bin will display, however, you can use the drop down to see movement of any product in the bin. You can also hit "View All Bin Movements" to see the movement of the selected product in all bins.
  5. If you search by bin only, all products in the bin will display. You can then filter by SKU.
  6. If you search by product only, all bins with that product will display. You can then filter by bin. 

    sellercloud skustack viewing bin movement for multiple skus

Viewing Bin Movement in Sellercloud

At the Bin level

  1. Settings > Warehouses.
  2. Press View Warehouse Bin Movement.
  3. On this page, all movement is displayed. 
  4. Select filters for product company, movement type, and bin.

At the Product Level

  1. Product Bin Page
    1. Product Toolbox > Warehouse.
    2. Press Manage Warehouse Bins. On this page you can view the qty of this product in all bins.
    3. Press View Movement next to the bin you wish to view.
    4. This page shows the movement of the product in the bin. The page is set up like a register with the "Qty" column recording the movement qty and the "Total Qty" column displaying the total after the movement.
  2. View All movements page
    1. Product Toolbox > Inventory Movement > View All Movement.
    2. The movement creates a record here for movements, not within the warehouse. For example, a PO received through SKUStack will display a record movement here, but a bin transfer within the same warehouse will not display, as no inventory moved from warehouse to warehouse.

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