Search Product Bin

Updated 3 years ago

The Search Product Bin module is located under the Bin tab.
In this module, you can search for a product and see all bins associated with the product. A bin becomes associated when a product is added to a bin for the first time. It retains the association even if the product's inventory in the bin is zero.

  1. Press the Search icon
  2. Scan or enter a SKU.
  3. All associated bins will display.
  4. Now you can select a product to adjust inventory.
  5. Likewise you can slide a product to perform more actions.
  6. Please note: In the image provided there is one bin with negative inventory. Although that is physically not possible, Skustack will calculate negative quantities. This is an indication that something went wrong, either with an adjustment, or an error in the system.  You can view the product's movement (by sliding the product) to determine the cause.

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