Regions Module

Updated 3 years ago

Warehouses can be divided into regions. Bins can be assigned to a region.
The primary functionality of regions is for picklists. This is often utilized by companies that have massive warehouses and assign employees to different sections of a warehouse. Using the regions filter on the Picklist Module, picklists can be divided by products whose inventory is in bins within a specified region..
For example, picklist 100 has "Product A" with 50 pick quantity. 25 units are bins within region 1 and 25 are within bins in region 2. When filtering by region, SKU stack will display 25 unit qty to pick.

Configuring Regions
Currently, regions are managed with SellerCloud. This feature will be added to SKustack in the near future. 
  1. In SellerCloud, Settings >  Warehouses > Manage Warehouse Regions.
  2. Enter region names, and press Add Region.
  3. Navigate Settings > Warehouses > Bins. 
  4. Create or edit bin.
  5. Select Region for bin. Save.

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