Bin Tab Overview

Updated 10 months ago

The Bin tab is where you manage activity related to bins.
This includes creating bins, manage inventory in bins (also done in the Products module), manage bin regions and view inventory movement in bins. 
  • Manage Bin - Create bins, search bins to view products and inventory, and adjust or transfer inventory.
  • Product Bins - Search all bins containing inventory of a specific product. Adjust or transfer inventory.
  • Manage Regions - Search for bins in particular warehouse region. See bins and inventory.
  • Restock Bins - Generate a PickList of products from non-primary bins needed to fill you primary areas.
  • Bin Movements - See bin movements for bins and products. See movement type and which user who performed the movement.
  • Bin Cycle Count - Perform a blind cycle count, scan products in the bin to generate an audit report for quantity adjustment.

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