• Manage Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates

    Skustack is the primary tool used to manage lot numbers and expiration dates. There are various scenarios where you will need to deal with lot numbers and expiration dates, such as when expirable inventory is received (e.g., receiving POs or transfers, positive adjustments, etc.), where a lot number/expiry date needs to be added.

  • Vendor Central PickList Module

    The Vendor Central PickList module is located within Skustack’s Picklist tab. In this module, you can pick units for Vendor Central shipments. There are 2 modes for searching Vendor Central shipments:

  • FBA Removals Module

    The FBA Removals module is located within Skustack’s Fulfillment tab. This module makes it easy to receive your FBA returns back into your warehouse. You can search for FBA Removals in one of four modes.

  • Order Details Module

    The Order Details module is located under the Order tab. You can easily look through order details like Order, Payment, Shipping, and Picking Status directly from Skustack.

  • Credit Memo Module

    The Credit Memo module is located within Skustack’s PickList tab. Credit memos refer to the process of returning products to a vendor. Prior to picking items using Skustack, credit memos must be created in Sellercloud. Within the Credit Memo module, you can view the picklist for all the products associated with the credit memo.

  • ShipVerify Feature in Skustack

    ShipVerify is an additional safety measure that allows you to verify that your orders are correctly picked and boxed before packing them and shipping them out. This feature is essential in preventing incorrect products from being delivered to customers.