Getting Started with Skustack

The following is a short guide on how to set up Skustack.

Configure Settings in SellerCloud.

  1. Client setting Enable Warehouse Bin. When enabled, the bin management is activated in SellerCloud and the following related tabs will display:
    • Under Settings > Warehouses - Manage Warehouse Bins and Manage Warehouse Regions. 
    • On the Inventory Menu - Manage Product Warehouse Bins.
    • Inventory > Product Warehouse - Manage Warehouse Bins.
  2. Client setting Enforce Bins on Selected Warehouses (Optional). This setting limits bin management to selected warehouses. 
    • Inventory in selected warehouse will be calculated based on qty in bins exclusively. Any qty not in bins will be disregarded. Inventory that is added to warehouse, like through a PO, or inventory that leaves the warehouse, through shipped orders or FBA inbound Shipments, must be added to or picked from a bin to update the bin qty record. Otherwise, the product inventory in the warehouse will recalculate to the qty still in the bin (which remains unless picked) and will lead to inaccurate warehouse qty and overselling.
    • Inventory of products in non-selected warehouse, will be calculated using the regular warehouse inventory calculation. Selecting warehouses is explained in 3.
  3. Navigate Settings > Warehouses. Open applicable warehouse and enable setting Inventory managed strictly per bin. 
  4. Client setting Enable warehouse bin tooltip in Manage Inventory. Activates tool-tip when hovering over aggregate qty in grid on Manage Inventory page.

Device Setup

Please note the required density specifications for your handheld device: 
  • Screen Density:  hdpi (1.5)
  • DPI Density:        240
If a device does not have that screen density and dpi density, certain pages might cause the app to crash and certain images / UI components will not show up. 
  1. Connect the device to your PC via USB. USB storage connector must be enabled on device. Slide home screen down and enable.
  2. On your pc go to
  3. Locate the SKUStack application and download.
  4. Then, extract the APK file. 
  5. Copy and paste it to any folder on the device.
  6.  Open your device file manager and locate the APK file. 
  7. Click to install the application. After install, icon will show on app lists.
  8. Install the Keyboard app KeyBoard emulator (Only For SKU Stack Device )
  9. Check Bardcode 1D / Open Checked Process mode set to Keyboard End mark = Enter Only For SKU Stack Device )
  10. Make sure to attach email for logging or troubleshooting. (setting > accounts > add account > (pick the type of account)) 
  11. You must download the corresponding app from the online store
  12. Make sure to toggle the date/time settings to ensure time accuracy (settings > date/time > timezone)
  13. Connect a compatible scanner to the android device. Scanner speed settings can be configured in the Settings tab below.

APP Setting Configuration

  1. The app opens to the General Settings page.
  2. Enter your company name in the "Team' field. 
  3. Enter your regular SellerCloud username and password.
  4. Press the Login button.
  5. You will be prompted to set the warehouse in which you will be using the app. Press on the warehouse icon to see all your warehouses. Select a warehouse and press Select. Now all the activity on the app will be restricted to bins in the selected warehouse.
  6. Now you can begin using the app. All operations are managed in the Warehouse Management tab. The WM tab is explained here.
  7. There are a number of settings that are defaulted to expected warehouse behavior. You can configure these setting differently. Settings are explained here.

Import Bin Inventory

When first beginning with Skustack you may want to use a file import to update your bin quantities.
  1. Inventory tab > Import Product Info > Import Product Warehouse Bin Info.
  2. The top import  is used for setting physical inventory in bins. The bottom import is for adjusting inventory in bins.
  3. Download the top template and populate. The bins must exist in SellerCloud before the import. Read how to manage bins here.
  4. Choose saved file and press Import Product Warehouse Bin Info Button.

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